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Click here for a printable copy of the 2010 Tournament Rules and Regulations (.doc format)

2010 Rochester Alliance
1996 AAA Invitational Games
Tournament Rules and Tiebreakers
October 8-11, 2010


The Game: 

  1. USA Hockey rules will govern all tournament play
  2. All games will consist of 15-15-15 minute stop-time periods.  No mercy rule in effect.
  3. A three minute warm up will precede each game
  4. ONE 30 second time out per team permitted in every game
  5. There will not be overtime in any of the three preliminary round games
  6. Teams should be ready to play 15 minutes prior to scheduled start time in case games are running ahead of schedule
  7. ICE will be resurfaced after every two periods of play until semi-finals and finals on Monday at which time the ice will be resurfaced before the game and before the third period.
  8. There will be no curfew clock for tournament games.


  1. This is a USA Hockey sanctioned tournament.   All USA Hockey Rules Should apply.
  2. Minor Penalties, (2) minutes each; Major Penalties, (5) minutes, Misconduct and Game Misconduct (10) minutes
  3. Any player receiving FOUR penalties in one game will be ejected for the remainder of that game.  (Although this tournament rule may seem severe, and unnecessary, we do this to prevent a player from receiving a 5thpenalty, which according to USA HOCKEY rules, results in a player receiving a game misconduct and automatic suspension for his team’s subsequent game.  We would rather a player sit after four penalties and be eligible for his next game. We hope you understand.
  4. Game misconducts will result in a one game suspension. Warranted or not, all referees decisions to issue Game Misconducts are final and will not be overturned.
  5. Match Penalties and Gross Misconducts will result in expulsion from the tournament.

 ROUND OF 16, Quarterfinals, SEMI-Finals and FINALS Format

  1. All games consist of 15-15-15 minute periods
  2. One 30 second time out per team is allowed
  3. OT is extension of third period and will not effect ice resurfacing schedule
  4. Coaches may submit shootout line-up after completion of regulation time
  5. Games ending in a tie decided as follows
  6. 5 on 5 sudden victory for 5 minutes (defend same goal as third period)
  7. 4 on 4 sudden victory for 5 minutes (defend same goal as third period)
  8. 5 player shootout
  9. Sudden victory shootout (all players must shoot before skaters shoot again)


Preliminary Round Qualifying:

  1. Teams earn (2) points for a win, (1) point for a tie and zero points for a loss in preliminary round games.
  2. Tiebreakers (in order)
  3. Head to Head points earned (2 or 3 teams ONLY if all have played each other)
  4. Highest number of wins
  5. Goal ratio in all preliminary round games.  (GF/GF+GA)
  6. Fewest Goals allowed
  7. Goal Differential
  8. Fewest Penalty minutes over 3 games
  9. First goal scored in game between two tied teams

Teams will be re-seeded after the Round of 16 elimination games according to the following tiebreakers using all 4 games played

  • Total Points (4 games)
  • Head to Head (2 teams or 3 teams tied only if all have played each other)
  • Goal Ratio (4 games total, GF/GF+GA)
  • Fewest Goals Allowed
  • Goal differential
  • Fewest Penalty minutes in 4 games

The rules committee reserves the right to modify any rule herein which is deemed not in the best interest of the tournament or amateur hockey.  The decision of the rules committee is final.