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30+1 jr leg pads
by Ryan on 8/13/2019

CCM 3.5 Jr leg pads 30+1.  Average wear , still plenty of life left.  $75.00

Mite/Squirt size Hockey Gloves (Almost New)
by Chris Pane on 7/5/2019

My son barely used these, had them a month then made a team that had team colored (non black) gloves LOL. Perfect for  Mite or smaller squirt age kid. 

Hockey Equipment Drying Rack $25
by Chris Pane on 7/3/2019

Great drying rack, easily holds all hockey pads and helmet + has clips/bars for hanging uniforms, undergarmets to dry. 

Backyard Rink for Sale (21'x37') $250
by Chris Pane on 5/24/2019

21' X 37' backyard rink for sale. Perfect for smaller backyards. Has brand new (never used) liner, and based on https://backyardrink.com home rink system. 



   * Liner (new, unused)

   * Lumber for rink frame ready to go

   * Hardware, Braces/Brackets, screwes, supports







Goalie Leg pads 34+1
by Steven Cook on 4/17/2019

Former pro's pads 34+1

Make offer

Goalie Leg pads
by Steven Cook on 4/17/2019


Make an offer.

Shooting Tarp
by Keith on 8/22/2018

Snipers Edge Shooting Tarp $125 w bungees

($250 brand new online)

tired of marks and dents in your garage door,,,,,then pu up this shooting tarp 8ft h x 16ft w.....fits the traditional 2-car wide garage door...

call or text 576-3092

Shooting trainer/Goal Blocker
by Keith on 8/22/2018

Ric-O-Shay with bungees $150

($280 brand new from HockeyShot.com)

Ever find yourself at a practice missing a goalie,,,here is your answer...put  ric o shay in net...if you miss your target he gives off anrebound and it can go anywhere....

call or text 576-3092

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