We are dedicated to promoting the sport of hockey through athletics, physical exercise and sportsmanship as well as to enhance the moral character and physical health of young boys and girls through organized athletic instruction and competition.

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 Mon 01/14/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Fairport, Village Sports 6:00p 7:00p  >AAA Travel> Squirt Major 10U Off-Ice Training    CP 
7:15p 8:15p  >AAA Travel> Squirt Major 10U Practice  full ice  LC 
Bill Grays Iceplex 1 5:00p 6:00p  >Empire Conference> Squirt Red - MacKenzie Practice  sharing  LC 
5:00p 6:00p  >Empire Conference> Mite White - Johnson Practice  sharing  LC 
Bill Grays Iceplex 2 8:25p 9:25p  >AA Travel> Bantam Minor 14U Practice    LC 
Bill Grays Iceplex 3 8:00p 9:00p  >AA Travel> Peewee Major 12U Practice    LC 
 Tue 01/15/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Fairport, Village Sports 6:30p 7:45p  >AAA Travel> Peewee Minor 12U Practice    LC 
Bill Grays Iceplex 3 5:10p 6:10p  >AAA Travel> TB PeeWee Major 12U Practice  Practice till 640  DC 
8:10p 9:10p  >Empire Conference> Midget - Smith Practice  sharing  LC 
8:10p 9:10p  >Empire Conference> Bantam - D'Arcy Practice  sharing  LC 
Bill Grays Iceplex 4 5:20p 6:20p  >Empire Conference> Mite Blue - Carpenter/Ottina Practice Mite Blue Girls - Collins/Herman 3 Blue teams sharing  LC 
5:20p 6:20p  >Empire Conference> Mite Blue - MacKenzie/Shand Practice  3 Blue teams sharing  LC 
6:20p 7:20p  >Empire Conference> Mite Blue - Carpenter/Ottina Goalie clinic Mite Blue - MacKenzie/Shand goalies only  LC 
6:20p 7:20p  >Empire Conference> Mite White - Johnson Goalie clinic Squirt Red - MacKenzie goalies only  LC 
6:20p 7:20p  >Empire Conference> Squirt Blue - Korn Goalie clinic Peewee Red - Pouthier goalies only  LC 
6:20p 7:20p  >Empire Conference> Mite Blue Girls - Collins/Herman Goalie clinic  goalies only  LC 
6:20p 7:20p  >Empire Conference> Bantam - Buxton Goalie clinic Bantam - D'Arcy goalies only  LC 
6:20p 7:20p  >AA Travel> Peewee Major 12U Goalie clinic Bantam Minor 14U goalies only  LC 
6:20p 7:20p  >AAA Travel> TB Midget 16U Goalie clinic Midget - Smith goalies only  LC 
6:20p 7:20p  >AAA Travel> TB PeeWee Major 12U Goalie clinic TB Midget 15U goalies only  LC 
6:20p 7:20p  >AAA Travel> Squirt Major 10U Goalie clinic Peewee Minor 12U goalies only  LC 
7:10p 8:10p  >Empire Conference> Squirt Blue - Korn Practice  sharing  JH 
7:20p 8:20p  >Empire Conference> Peewee Red - Pouthier Scrimmage Game Tri-County Eagles (Horn) **rink moved to 7:20 pm start to offset ice cuts**  MD 
 Wed 01/16/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Bill Grays Iceplex 1 5:10p 6:25p  >AAA Travel> Squirt Major 10U Practice  sharing  LC 
6:55p 8:25p  >AAA Travel> Peewee Minor 12U Practice    MP 
8:25p 9:55p  >AAA Travel> TB Midget 15U Practice    LC 
Bill Grays Iceplex 3 8:00p 9:30p  >AAA Travel> TB Midget 16U Practice    LC 
Bill Grays Iceplex 4 5:10p 6:10p  >Empire Conference> Squirt Red - MacKenzie Practice  sharing  LC 
5:10p 6:10p  >Empire Conference> Mite White - Johnson Practice  sharing  LC 
 Thu 01/17/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Fairport, Village Sports 7:15p 8:15p  >AAA Travel> TB PeeWee Major 12U Practice    LC 
8:15p 9:15p  >AA Travel> Bantam Minor 14U Practice  **to be re-scheduled later in season-invoice already paid**  LC 
Bill Grays Iceplex 1 5:15p 6:15p  >Empire Conference> Mite Blue - Carpenter/Ottina Practice Mite Blue Girls - Collins/Herman 3 Blue teams sharing  LC 
5:15p 6:15p  >Empire Conference> Mite Blue - MacKenzie/Shand Practice  3 Blue teams sharing  LC 
6:15p 7:15p  >AA Travel> Peewee Major 12U Practice    LC 
7:15p 8:15p  >Empire Conference> Peewee Red - Pouthier Practice  sharing  LC 
7:15p 8:15p  >Empire Conference> Squirt Blue - Korn Practice  sharing  LC 
8:15p 9:15p  >Empire Conference> Midget - Smith Practice  sharing  LC 
8:15p 9:15p  >Empire Conference> Bantam - D'Arcy Practice  sharing  LC 
Bill Grays Iceplex 2 8:45p 9:45p  >Empire Conference> Bantam - Buxton Practice  sharing  LC 
 Fri 01/18/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
, T.B.D. TBD   >AAA Travel> Squirt Major 10U Tournament TBD The North American Cup  CP 
Buffalo, Bud Bakewell Arena 5:00p 6:30p  >AAA Travel> TB PeeWee Major 12U Tournament Mississauga Rebels   DC 
Buffalo, RiverWorks 12:35p 2:05p  >AAA Travel> TB PeeWee Major 12U Tournament Long Island North American Cup   DC 
New Kensington, Pittsburgh Ice Arena 2:30p 4:00p  >AA Travel> Bantam Minor 14U Tournament Frederick Freeze   WM 
 Sat 01/19/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
, T.B.D. TBD   >AAA Travel> Squirt Major 10U Tournament  The North American Cup  CP 
TBD   >AAA Travel> Squirt Major 10U Tournament TBD The North American Cup  CP 
3:20p 4:50p  >AA Travel> Bantam Minor 14U Tournament Chevy Chase Rostraver Ice Garden  WM 
Buffalo, RiverWorks 7:35p 9:05p  >AAA Travel> TB PeeWee Major 12U Tournament Philadelphia Jr. Flyers   DC 
Chagrin Falls, The Pond 3:10p 4:25p  >Empire Conference> Peewee Red - Pouthier Tournament Steel City Ice Renegades Americans are HOME team  MD 
Depew, Ice Pavilion 9:50a 11:20a  >AAA Travel> TB PeeWee Major 12U Tournament CT Jr Huskies North American Cup  DC 
Fairport, Thomas Creek 1:15p 2:15p  >Empire Conference> Mite Blue - MacKenzie/Shand Game Perinton Youth - Coleman   CM 
Fairport, Village Sports 10:00a 11:30a  >AAA Travel> Peewee Minor 12U TRAINING WEEKEND    LC 
1:00p 2:30p  >AAA Travel> Peewee Minor 12U TRAINING WEEKEND    LC 
Geneseo, Wilson Ice Arena 8:00p 10:00p  >AAA Travel> TB Midget 16U Game Mercer Chiefs AAA Home Game at Geneseo College  DG 
New Kensington, Pittsburgh Ice Arena 7:00a 8:30a  >AA Travel> Bantam Minor 14U Tournament Aurora Ice   WM 
Parma, Barons Arena 9:30a 10:45a  >Empire Conference> Peewee Red - Pouthier Tournament Jamestown Lakers Americans are VISITOR team  MD 
Scottsville, Scottsville Ice Arena 11:00a 12:00p  >Empire Conference> Mite Blue - Carpenter/Ottina Game Guntrum   MC 
4:00p 5:15p  >AA Travel> Peewee Major 12U League Game Monroe County   CW 
 Sun 01/20/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
, T.B.D. TBD   >AAA Travel> Squirt Major 10U Tournament TBD The North American Cup  CP 
Amherst , Northtown Center 11:25a 12:55p  >AAA Travel> TB PeeWee Major 12U Non-League Game Alaska Oilers Alaska Oilers - Only if we dont advance!!!   DC 
Fairport, Thomas Creek 12:30p 1:30p  >Empire Conference> Mite Blue - Carpenter/Ottina Game Perinton Youth - Coleman   MC 
Gates Mills, Gilmour Academy 4:15p 5:30p  >Empire Conference> Peewee Red - Pouthier Tournament Grosse Ile Islanders Americans are VISITOR team (Game on Rink 2)  MD 
Geneseo, Wilson Ice Arena 8:30a 10:30a  >AAA Travel> TB Midget 16U Game Mercer Chiefs AAA Home Game at Geneseo College  DG 
New Kensington, Pittsburgh Ice Arena 1:15p 2:45p  >AA Travel> Bantam Minor 14U Tournament TBD Final Tier  WM 
Bill Grays Iceplex 4 7:30p 9:00p  >Empire Conference> Midget - Smith Game MCYH North Game 86  MW