Mon 09/02/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Hudson, Cyclones Arena 8:00a 2:00p  >AAA Travel> TB 15U AAA Collins Game East Coast Wizards ECC Labor Day Cup  GJ 
Salem, Icenter Salem 11:00a 12:30a  >AAA Travel> TB 15U AAA Collins Game Mt. Saint Charles   GJ 
 Tue 09/03/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Fairport, Village Sports 5:30p 6:30p  >AA Travel> Girls 10U Collins Practice    LC 
6:30p 7:45p  >AA Travel> Girls 12U Collins Practice    LC 
7:45p 9:15p  >AAA Travel> TB 15U AAA Collins Practice    LC 
Bill Grays Iceplex 1 6:20p 7:20p  >Empire Conference> 10U Blue Decker Practice  sharing  LC 
6:20p 7:20p  >Empire Conference> 12U Blue Korn Practice  sharing  LC 
Bill Grays Iceplex 2 9:15p 10:30p  >AA Travel> TB 18U AA Reinhardt Practice    LC 
Bill Grays Iceplex 4 5:15p 6:15p  >AA Travel> 9U AA Frohm Practice  sharing with Sqt Black  LC 
5:15p 6:15p  >AAA Travel> 9U AAA Gr. Collins Practice  sharing with squirt silver  LC 
6:15p 7:15p  >AA Travel> 13U AA Wescott Practice  FULL TIME sharing with Peewee Mallette  JH 
6:15p 7:15p  >AA Travel> 11U AA Mallette Practice  FULL TIME sharing with Bantam Wescott  JH 
7:15p 8:45p  >AAA Travel> 13U AAA Collins Practice  sharing with Bantam Waldo  LC 
7:15p 8:45p  >AAA Travel> 13U AAA Waldo Practice  **arrive 1 hour early, off ice (sharing with Bantam Collins)  BW 
8:45p 10:15p  >AA Travel> TB 16U AA Smith Practice    LC 
Rochester, Paul Louis Arena (SIR) 8:30p 9:45p  >AA Travel> 15U AA Blank Practice    LC 
 Wed 09/04/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Fairport, Village Sports 5:30p 7:00p  >AA Travel> TB 12U AA Pierandri Practice    LC 
7:00p 8:15p  >AAA Travel> TB 12U AAA C. Collins Practice    LC 
8:15p 9:45p  >AAA Travel> 13U AAA Collins Practice  switched with Bantam Major AA R Haen  DC 
Bill Grays Iceplex 1 5:15p 6:15p  >Empire Conference> Mites White 1 Johnson/Seablom Practice 8U Girls B Collins sharing with girls  LC 
5:15p 6:15p  >Empire Conference> 8U Girls A Collins Practice  sharing with whites  LC 
6:15p 7:30p  >Empire Conference> 10U Red MacKenzie Practice  sharing  LC 
6:15p 7:30p  >Empire Conference> 12U Red Pouthier Practice  sharing  LC 
9:00p 10:30p  >AA Travel> 18U AA Hinds Practice    LC 
Bill Grays Iceplex 2 5:30p 6:30p  >Empire Conference> 8U Blue 5 Bushart Practice 8U Blue 4 Kane/Williams sharing with 4,5  LC 
Bill Grays Iceplex 4 7:10p 8:10p  >Empire Conference> 8U Red 1 Garofalo/Myers Practice 8U Red Mix 1 Burgio sharing  LC 
7:10p 8:10p  >Empire Conference> 8U Red 2 Hogan Practice  sharing  LC 
8:10p 9:40p  >Empire Conference> 18U Chatterton Practice  sharing  LC 
8:10p 9:40p  >Empire Conference> 18U MacKenzie Practice  sharing  LC 
 Thu 09/05/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Fairport, Village Sports 6:00p 7:00p  >AAA Travel> 9U AAA Gr. Collins Practice  **6 pm per VS**  LC 
7:00p 8:00p  >AA Travel> 9U AA Frohm Practice  **7 pm start per VS**  LC 
7:00p 7:45p  >AA Travel> TB 14U AA Haen Off-Ice Training    LG 
8:00p 9:30p  >AA Travel> TB 14U AA Haen Practice  **moved to 8 pm start time per VS**  LC 
Bill Grays Iceplex 1 5:15p 6:15p  >AA Travel> 11U AA Mallette Practice    LC 
6:15p 7:15p  >AA Travel> Girls 10U Collins Practice  shared with Gu12  LC 
6:15p 7:15p  >AA Travel> Girls 12U Collins Practice  sharing with Gu10  LC 
7:15p 8:45p  >AAA Travel> TB 15U AAA Collins Practice    LC 
8:45p 10:15p  >AA Travel> TB 16U AA Smith Practice    LC 
Bill Grays Iceplex 4 5:00p 6:30p  >AAA Travel> 13U AAA Waldo Practice  ** stay late 45 min/off ice (early, (billing 5-6))  BW 
5:30p 7:00p  >AA Travel> 13U AA Wescott Practice  BILLING 6:00-7:00  JH 
7:00p 8:30p  >Empire Conference> 14U Buxton Practice  sharing   LC 
7:00p 8:30p  >Empire Conference> 14U McDonald Practice  sharing  LC 
8:30p 9:45p  >AA Travel> 15U AA Blank Practice    LC 
RIT-Ritter Arena 8:15p 9:45p  >AA Travel> TB 18U AA Reinhardt Practice    LC 
 Fri 09/06/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Attleboro, NE Sports Village 8:20a 9:50a  >AAA Travel> 13U AAA Collins Tournament Worcester Jr Railers Boston Superseries  DC 
Fairport, Village Sports 5:30p 6:30p  >Empire Conference> 8U Girls A Collins Practice    LC 
6:30p 7:30p  >Empire Conference> Mites White 1 Johnson/Seablom Practice 8U Girls B Collins sharing  LC 
Foxboro, Sports Center 2:00p 3:30p  >AAA Travel> 13U AAA Collins Tournament Boston Bandits   DC 
Hooksett, Tri-Town Ice Arena 8:00p 10:00p  >AAA Travel> TB 15U AAA Collins Game Team Maryland Boston Breakout  GJ 
Bill Grays Iceplex 1 7:30p 9:15p  >AA Travel> 18U AA Hinds League Game Monroe County Eagles AA   AH 
Bill Grays Iceplex 2 6:00p 7:00p  >Empire Conference> 8U Blue 4 Kane/Williams Practice 8U Blue 3 MacKenzie sharing with 5  LC 
6:00p 7:00p  >Empire Conference> 8U Blue 5 Bushart Practice  sharing with mite 4 and 5  LC 
Webster, Webster Arena 9:00p 10:45p  >AA Travel> TB 16U AA Smith League Game Webster   RS 
 Sat 09/07/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Buffalo, Bud Bakewell Arena 12:00p 1:30p  >AAA Travel> TB 12U AAA C. Collins Game Buffalo Saints   MP 
4:30p 6:00p  >AAA Travel> TB 12U AAA C. Collins Game Buffalo Saints   MP 
Fairport, Village Sports 12:00p 1:00p  >Empire Conference> 8U Blue 5 Bushart Clinic  clinic - sharing  LC 
12:00p 1:00p  >Empire Conference> 8U Girls A Collins Clinic  clinic - sharing  LC 
1:00p 2:00p  >Empire Conference> 8U Red Mix 1 Burgio Clinic  sharing  LC 
1:00p 2:00p  >Empire Conference> Mites White 1 Johnson/Seablom Clinic  sharing  LC 
2:00p 3:00p  >Empire Conference> 8U Red 1 Garofalo/Myers Clinic  **no clinic - moved to Fridays for 3x3*  LC 
2:00p 3:00p  >Empire Conference> 8U Red 2 Hogan Clinic  FULL ICE  LC 
2:00p 3:00p  >Empire Conference> 8U Girls B Collins Clinic  sharing  LC 
3:00p 4:00p  >Empire Conference> 8U Red 2 Hogan Clinic  FULL ICE - **moved to 9/7 - 3 pm per 8/15 email**  LC 
Foxboro, Sports Center 5:00p 6:30p  >AAA Travel> 13U AAA Collins Tournament CT Chiefs   DC 
Hooksett, Tri-Town Ice Arena 10:20a 12:20p  >AAA Travel> TB 15U AAA Collins Game Cape Cod Whalers Boston Breakout  GJ 
6:00p 8:00p  >AAA Travel> TB 15U AAA Collins Game Boston Advantage AAA   GJ 
North Tonawanda, Hockey Outlet 5:20p 6:50p  >AA Travel> TB 18U AA Reinhardt League Game Wheatfield Blades   JC 
Pawtucket, Lynch Arena 12:30p 2:00p  >AAA Travel> 13U AAA Collins Tournament CT Jr Huskies   DC 
Bill Grays IcePlex 10:00a 11:20a  >AA Travel> 15U AA Blank League Game Amherst League Home Game   
Bill Grays Iceplex 1 11:00a 12:30p  >AA Travel> TB 12U AA Pierandri Exhibition Game Utica Comets 07AAA   SC 
Utica, Utica Mem Aud 3:00p 4:30p  >AAA Travel> 13U AAA Waldo Game Utica Jr. Comets AAA   BW 
6:40p 8:10p  >AAA Travel> 13U AAA Waldo Game Utica Jr. Comets AAA   BW 
West Seneca , West Seneca Town Rink 6:40p 8:10p  >AA Travel> 18U AA Hinds League Game West Seneca   AH 
 Sun 09/08/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Exeter, Rinks at Exeter 8:00a 10:00a  >AAA Travel> TB 15U AAA Collins Game Seacoast Spartans Boston Breakout  GJ 
Fairport, Village Sports 8:00a 9:30a  >AA Travel> 9U AA Frohm TRAINING WEEKEND    LC 
11:00a 12:30p  >AA Travel> 9U AA Frohm TRAINING WEEKEND    LC 
2:00p 3:00p  >AA Travel> 11U AA Mallette Clinic    LC 
3:00p 5:00p  >AAA Travel> 13U AAA Waldo Clinic 13U AAA Collins clinic - sharing - 2 hr requested 7/12 email  LC 
Foxboro, Sports Center 10:00a 11:30a  >AAA Travel> 13U AAA Collins Tournament New Jersey Devils (NJ)   DC 
Bill Grays Iceplex 1 11:15a 12:45p  >AA Travel> 15U AA Blank League Game Bud Bakewell League Home Game  BF 
1:00p 2:45p  >AA Travel> TB 16U AA Smith League Game Tonawanda Lightning   RS 
2:45p 4:15p  >AA Travel> TB 18U AA Reinhardt League Game Wheatfield Blades   JC 
5:00p 6:45p  >AA Travel> TB 16U AA Smith League Game South Towns   RS 
Bill Grays Iceplex 2 1:45p 3:15p  >AA Travel> TB 12U AA Pierandri Exhibition Game West Seneca 07AA   SC 
3:15p 5:00p  >AA Travel> 18U AA Hinds League Game Hamburg Hawks   AH 
West Seneca, Leisure Rinks 8:30a 9:45a  >AA Travel> Girls 12U Collins Scrimmage Game Hamburg Hawks   MF